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Our Vision

Editorial Department

About You

First, read this.


You are the person we hope will join this community. You think a lot. You think about humanity and society and technology and psychology and sociology and the arts and culture.

You like to go do stuff after work. You make time for exercise or socializing or reading because movement or people or learning make you feel grounded and human. You notice the seasons.

You grew up with technology and realistically you're not just going to stop using it entirely. But you're starting to think about its role in your life and the ways in which it affects your friendships, ways both good and bad.

You shop local. You're at the farmer's market, the flower truck, the book store. You think about the content you consume. Maybe you have pen on your hands a lot of the time, or paint.

You bring a taste of the weekend into the everyday. And what day is more ordinary than a Wednesday?

Future Plans

April: Introductions

May: The senses, with a focus on visual aesthetics like flowers, plants, and art

June: The senses, with a focus on movement

July: The senses, with a focus on music

August: Community, with a focus on technology and human connection

September: The mind, with a focus on books and local/independent book stores

October: The senses, with a focus on scents

November: Community, with a focus on making friends as adults

December: Community, with a focus on shopping local

January 2019: The mind, with a focus on writing like poems and letters

February: The mind, with a focus on high quality digital content

March: The senses, with a focus on taste

We want to build this with and for our community- please reach out if you'd like to write for one of these themes or collaborate in some way.

Take Part

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