• Missions We Love

    Self-explanatory, we hope

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    Folk Rebellion

    Founder Jess Davis

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    Girls' Night In Club

    Founder Alisha Ramos

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    The School of Life

    Founder Alain de Botton

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    The Business Romantic Society

    Founders Till Grusche and Tim Leberecht

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    Human Works Design

    Founders Rudy de Waele and Canay Atalay

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    The Next Big Idea Club

    Founders Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Adam Grant, and Daniel Pink

  • Disclaimer: We do not claim to own the rights to the logos belonging to these organizations/brands and their inclusion on this page does not constitute an official partnership with any of them. That being said, we really love their missions and would be super excited to talk partnerships with any one of them- wink wink.